What You Can't See Matters

What You Can't See Matters

What You Can't See MattersWhat You Can't See Matters

"what people are saying"


Mark & Courtenay

"Working with Tryon Homes has been a great experience. Phillip took the time up front to understand our vision and the details that mattered to us, and looked for ways to make the design even more our own as the work progressed. We had some surprises hiding in our old house, of course - Phillip and the team adapted or brought us options to choose from so that we’d still end up with the kitchen we were looking for, and followed up on issues promptly. Phillip does a fantastic job of bringing in trades and craftspeople who are really committed to doing quality work as part of an integrated team - plus everyone was super friendly and considerate, which made living through a long project that much easier! The final result is amazing - it is literally our dream kitchen. We’re so glad we chose Tryon Homes to bring us home!"


Dr. Laura & Dr. Richard

"It has been our privilege to work with Phillip Tryon over a span of nearly 10 years, on multiple projects ranging from minor repairs to major renovations. Phillip shows an exceptional attention to detail; even when multiple subcontractors are involved in the project, the work is meticulous and the worksite is always spotless at the end of the day. What has meant even more to us is Phillip's personal commitment to every project, big or small. When he says, "I can make it happen!", he does - in budget and on time. We look forward to working  with Phillip in all our future projects.


Chris & Cheryl

"Phillip Tryon was our Project Manager. He came to us with a clear message “We're going to help you realize your goals.” Phillip managed everything even when remodels tend to always have unforeseen problems he envisioned detailed plans to create high quality solutions. Phillip was a highly-experienced manager, focused  on high quality and the best solutions while managing costs. Phillip willingly and skillfully took on the job of coordinating the work and insuring what they provided was quality services. How many builders are willing to don coveralls and crawl under the slab to inspect sanitary sewer piping? Phillip did. What set this project apart from other less than inspiring remodeling stories? "Phillip!"


Jacinta & Jeffery

"The past three months, we've been thoroughly enjoying our new outdoor deck, terrace and balcony, and wish to commend our master builder Phillip Tryon for his superb work. We truly appreciated Phillip's passion for building and his extensive experience. His knowledge and guidance ensured we could make good decisions throughout the process, and realize the vision we had created with our architect and more! He's a great communicator and coordinator and has a team of excellent craftsmen for every aspect of the job. The finished product is Fantastic and a testament to Phillips artistic know how and character."


Charles & Susan

      We echo the many comments from Phillip Tryon’s clients who praise him for how easy he is to work with, what a good listener he is and how responsive he always is.  Based on our amazing journey with Tryon Homes, we recommend them unconditionally if you’re considering a remodel or building a new home: as they did for us, they will deliver for you the house of your dreams, built to your quality standards with care, dedication and integrity.

Phillip is a man of great character and skill who blends passion for his trade with an uncanny ability to listen to the needs and wants of his clients and deliver exactly the home desired.  Through knowing Phillip, we’ve gained not only a superbly built home but a lifelong friend as well.

      As is usually the case in life, you get what you pay for.  While we might have found a slightly lower cost alternative to Tryon Homes, we’re positive that our journey would not have been as joyous and magical as it was, and know in our heart of hearts that we would not be living in the stunningly perfect home that Tryon Homes built for us, a home built with professionalism, dedication, collaboration and, yes, love.

       Having lived in our beautiful home for a year and a half now, we are happier and more grateful than ever for the blessing of Phillip’s talent that was brought to bear in making the vision of our home become a reality.  We wake up every day with smiles on our faces and wonder in our hearts knowing that we are the daily beneficiaries of this “architecture of happiness” and that we get to live in our dream home that Tryon Homes built for us!


Kathleen & Susannah (rd architects)

Phillip Tryon has his own unique management style. He combines hands on knowledge of materials and construction techniques with a passion for working with talented tradesmen. We’ve worked with Phillip Tryon on projects since 2001 and have watched him hone his skills. We rely on Phillip to build some of our most challenging projects for clients with exacting standards. A Tryon project is a work of art, inside and out. We’ve watched plumbers take the time to make sure a plumbing connection is true and square. Carpenters anticipate drywall and trim details. Light fixtures and air conditioning grills are perfectly placed with string lines and tile grout lines are carefully planned to coordinate with other elements. Cabinet layouts are reviewed prior to construction and samples of everything are approved before installation. Each member of the team is orchestrated to play their role to their best potential. We highly recommend Tryon Homes to architects and homeowners searching for an extraordinary building experience and end result.


Hedely Karpas

"My name is Hedley Karpas, I am a 30 year plus Realtor. Recently, I had the distinct honor of marketing a couple of homes that Phillip Tryon built. Phillip was constantly on top of all aspects of the construction. The two homes were completed in record time and the attention to detail, finishes, and quality were amazing. We sold one of the homes in a day, anyone who has the opportunity to work with Phillip will not be disappointed. I found Phillip to be honest, reliable and a great resource for information. I would strongly recommend Phillip Tryon."


Kevin Sustala (custom audio video)

"I work with only the top custom home builders and remodelers of Houston, and from day one it has been evident that Phillip Tryon knows his stuff.  He always has the end goal and homeowner's best interests at the forefront, and with a keen understand gathered from years of experience, he commands a firm respect from all the trades that work under him.  I found in my personal experience working with him on five homes, some of which over $5M, that he displays natural leadership in solving complex problems by getting contractors to work together in providing a solution on time, and within budget.  Whether residential new construction or a high-end remodeling project, Phillip Tryon is not only a pleasure to work with, but a man who can be respected, and most importantly, someone in whom you can TRUST."​


Chas Daniels (acero bella)

"I met Phillip Tryon a few years ago just prior to starting my own business. I provide beautiful decorative plumbing, hardware & appliances to the new construction and remodel market in Houston, TX. It was a blessing to meet Phillip at this pivotal moment in my career. There are many parts and pieces to remodeling or building and attention to detail on the front end of a project makes the end a much smoother a more enjoyable process for all involved. His organizational skills save so much time and money for me as a supplier but also for the end user. I love working with Phillip. He inspired improved systems in my business that benefit all my customers."

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